Route and Volunteer Stations

The marathon route includes 26.2 miles entirely within Percy Warner Park. The marathon runs over four different paths: 1) The Vaughn Creek's cross country field, 2) the 11.2 mile Main Drive loop, 3) the 1.4 mile Shell Hill cut through, and 4) the Luke Lea Heights 0.6 mile loop. These four paths are indicated on the "Route Maps" page on this website. You may also click here to see the route segment map, with the segments color coded according to this page.

In brief, you will park in and start at the Vaughn Creek field, run to the Main Drive and take a left. After about 0.4 miles, you will turn right and cross over Shell Hill, then take a left at the far side of the Main Drive. Complete the entire Main Drive loop, returning back to the Shell Hill cut through. Cross back over Shell Hill and take a right, back on the Main Drive. This time, about halfway around the Main Drive, you will take a right onto the Luke Lea Heights loop, then return to the Main Drive and keep going. Rather than completing the Main Drive, however, you will take a left out to the Vaughn Creek field where you will finish.

Volunteers will be present at every intersection to provide directions. Please be nice to them.

Volunteers will be present along the course to provide fluids and directions, at the following locations.

  • - Corners of Shell Hill cut through and Main Drive (both sides, at Main Drive mile 4 and mile 6)
  • - 4 way intersection of the Chickering parking area and Main Drive
  • - The picnic area at mile 8 on the Main Drive
  • - Corner of Luke Lea Heights road and Main Drive
  • - By the flagpole near the Percy Warner Park "stone gates" main entrance
  • - The corner of Deep Wells picnic area and Main Drive
  • - At the top of Three Mile hill
  • - The sharp switchback marking the western turnoff from the Main Drive to Old Hickory Boulevard

We will place small temporary signs marking each mile and will also have a volunteer at every turn.

Detailed Mile-by-Mile Route description