Random but Relevant Miscellany that You May Want to Know

The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon was inaugurated in 2006, when 96 runners braved hills, monkeys and gray clouds, with the first place male finisher coming in at 2:50:25 and the first place female finisher at 3:11:05. The current course record was set in 2012 by Ben Schneider, who clocked a time of 2:34:17. In that same year, Leah Thorvilson set the women's course record by clocking 2:59:36, while injured no less.

The race is run in a public city park. The roads will not be closed, and you may see other runners, walkers, bikers, monkeys, skunks and deer during your jaunt. That and cars too. So when running this marathon, we ask that you keep to the side of the road and wear your bib visibly.

Nashville weather in mid November can be unpredictable. It may be really cold, and it may be hot. It may rain, snow or be sunny. There really is just no telling.

If you have friends or family members who support your foolishness by coming out to run, there are plenty of places for them to watch you. Really, anywhere in the Park is good, but near any of the volunteer stations would be best since we will try to place those where the runners cross most often. Either intersection of Shell Hill and the Main Drive, for example, would be perfect. Alternatively, if they are wise, they will just sleep in.

No. This would not be a good marathon to run if you have never run one before. This is a good marathon for those already addicted to running them. That said, lots of first-time-marathoners run every year. Some even survive.

The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon is not part of any running series, including the state parks running tour, Running Journal's Grand Prix, the Skyrunner series, or the 3rd WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge. For now.

We will offer Gatorade and water approximately 18 times on the course.